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Employees do look up to their bosses. Whether they like you or not is an entirely different matter.

The important thing here is that you know that they see you as above them in at least some manner, and so, regardless of how they view you now, you need to capitalize on that thought of theirs. Instead of using that power to do whatever you may please, think to yourself, “If I were in their shoes and I noticed there was something that needed fixing or tuning up in the company, and I brought it to my manager, wouldn’t I be frustrated if my manager didn’t do anything about my plea or, worse, forgot about it altogether?”

This question shouldn’t drive you to give them every single thing they ask for, but rather, it should drive you to do one thing:

Get organized.

Getting organized is key to showing your employees a variety of different skills you have, which are vital to your success as their manager. When you get organized, you will give yourself the opportunity to showcase these three powerful skills. With these three skills, you will surely be the best manager in the office.

Skill #1: Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is not just a character trait; it is a skill, because you have to diligently practice it overtime to truly earn the trust of those around you. A simple way to increase your employee’s view of your trustworthiness is to tell them you will do something and then do it. This may seem simple, but this requires you to be diligent about even the smallest things you tell them you will do.

Schedule a date that you will follow up on their inquiry and actually get back to them about it, no matter how small. Make their inquiries of high priority to you; you do manage them, after all, and it is your duty.

This will not only be a good example for other managers, it will also show your employees what is expected of them if they wish to grow in the company. Your employees will complain less, because they will know they can come to you with anything, and you will act on it. You may not always act in their favor, they might note, but they know you will truly take into consideration all that they say.

Here’s the Point: So, be a person of your word no matter how short and sweet that word might be.

Come back in a couple weeks or Part Two of “Want to be Their Wise and Trusted Leader? Do This 1 Thing Now!”