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Rick Hevier

A management consultant, Rick has extensive experience developing innovative strategies for various organizations.

As a proponent of the Deming approach, Rick incorporates the 14 principles of business management espoused by Dr. Deming into his work. With this approach, in addition to his in depth research and strategic analysis, Rick Hevier has helped companies solve impending issues and maximize overall profit and growth.



The Deming approach, which Mr. Hevier credits much of his success to, incorporates a set of management practices which helps companies increase growth and productivity. By implementing these tactics, in conjunction with his extensive experience, Mr. Hevier helps companies achieve a level of optimal quality management. The lifelong works of Dr. W. Edwards Deming have been deemed both philosophical and pragmatic in nature. Professionals from a variety of sectors and backgrounds have long been favorable to Dr. Deming’s management theories and leadership philosophies.

As a management consultant, Rick Hevier provides his clients with objective advice and expertise to ensure that they achieve optimal productivity, and in turn, see rapid growth and success. By identifying problem areas, and offering recommendations for change, Rick helps organizations improve their overall performance. Be it a large firm or small organization, Mr. Hevier offers end-to-end solutions for companies in various industries. Rick Hevier is a highly seasoned management consultant, with experience in a broad range of functional areas. By leveraging quantitative and qualitative customer information, Mr. Hevier is able to drastically improve the customer experience and increase efficiency.


Rick's Method

Rick Hevier incorporates his functional expertise, experience and professional values to create a lasting and impactful change amongst organizations. His extensive understanding about business operations enables Mr. Hevier to assimilate the best practices from outstanding organizations. Furthermore, Rick’s unwavering professionalism ensures that the entire process is being carried out in a well-organized manner.


Business Today

As a management consultant, Rick Hevier prides himself on his ability to facilitate organizational efficiency and demonstrates the ability to increase profits. Businesses hire Mr. Hevier due to his impressive track record helping companies remain competitive in today’s evolving marketplace.

In the current business landscape, companies are constantly trying to increase profitability and decrease costs, and Rick Hevier helps them do just that.

Interests and Hobbies

Though Rick Hevier finds himself thoroughly immersed in his career at times, he ensures to allocate time for other interests.

Aside from Mr. Hevier’s career, Rick devotes his times of leisure to travel. He greatly enjoys spending free time exploring new cities!

Rick also takes great interest in technology, and researches new ventures in that sector whenever possible.